A Witches Curse

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A Witches Curse

Post by Tehlus_Angel on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:15 am

Fifty years ago...

"You said you loved me!" Kaini screamed at the man before her, anger boiled under her skin making energy sweep around her and light seemed to spark at her fingertips. She wanted to kill him, the man who had wooed her and stolen her heart. He had been gone for a few days and Kaini thought nothing of it until he returned and told her he had fallen in love with someone else, "You can't do this to me" she snarled angrily as she advanced on him; yes in size she was much smaller than he was but she had power that he didn't and that power made her seem much bigger than she was. "I can and I did!" the man snapped back in anger as he grabbed up his bag aof clothes, food and water. Yes the two of them butted heads often but never like this. Watching as he headed for the door of her cottage and stepped outside Kaini swept after him her bare feet slapping at the worn wood, "Why? Why her?" she demanded as she moved quickly and placed herself in front of him.

She needed to know why he wanted someone else after he had spent months chasing her. Had he really grown tired of her so easily after she agreed to be with him? Was she so easy to toss aside? The answer appeared to be yes. "Because she isn't you" he grumbled at her and pushed her aside. Standing when she was for a moment or two looking shocked before she clenched her jaw and spun around to look at his back. "Fine. Have her. But know this, she will live and die years before you ever will!" Kaini screamed as she thrust her hands out towards him "I curse you to be a beast she cannot ever love. One that turns with the moon" she hissed as bight red light left her hands and slammed into his back hard enough to stagger him. "Enjoy being a werewolf. A mutt" Kaini muttered as she turned on her heel and stalked back into her cottage and slammed the door closed without a backwards glance, that would teach him for leaving her. But even though she cursed him it didn't stop her heart from hurting.

Present day...

Kaini wandered slowly about her small cottage, she had lived here for years and she was planning on living here for years more. Vampires, werewolves, merfolk, nekos as well as a number of other creatures sometimes came to her for protection spells or spells of love and healing. The spells of love she gave out few and far between as she could not bring herself to think of the loneliness she had since the man she had loved had left her fifty years ago. Sighing softly to herself she walked over to a beautifully carved chair with a plush cushion on it she had placed in front of a roaring fire she sank down into it wearily, the carved chair was the only thing over her lovers that she had kept. He had made it just for her and she could never bring herself to get rid of the beautiful masterpiece.

Leaning back into the chair she stared blankly at the fire for sometime her mind wandering and thinking of things she would never let herself think of normally, shaking her head she looked around her cottage to notice that the afternoon sun was no longer filtering in through the windows and her fire was the only thing casting a light. Sighing to herself Kaini got to her feet and began to slowly light the candles that were around, looking out of the window in her kitchen she saw the full moon was out and she couldn't help the small tired smile that came over her lips at the thought of her old lover running through trees.

Moving to her front door she opened it and stepped outside, the crisp air hit her hard making her wrap her arms around her body. The cold was sharp and quick to wake her up more, "It's a good time to go and look for herbs" she said softly to herself as she unwrapped her arms from around herself and started walking into the forest that surrounded her humble cottage. She had run out of nightshade and mugwort and needed to see if she could find some more, stepping carefully over fallen branches and ducking now and again Kaini was barely aware of her surroundings until a crack of a stick made her jump. Looking around with a small frown she tried to see what the source of the noise was, even with the moonlight coming through the leaves she could see very little. "Hello?" Kaini called out curiously, everything was silent for a moment before a growl reached her. A rouge werewolf stepped between the trees, stared at her for a moment before it lunged. Kaini had no time to think before she was tackled to the ground and a sharp scream left her setting birds that were nesting flying off in fright.

"Get off of me!" she screamed trying to wrestle the wolf off of her and keep it away from her throat, Kaini and the wolf struggled for a bit before the weight was suddenly thrown off of her body. Rolling onto her stomach she saw a much bigger wolf had tackled the rouge and was fighting it making sure to keep it away from Kaini, scooting herself onto her bottom Kaini sat fixated as she watched them fight. Seeing the smaller rogue wolf scamper off with a yelp she couldn't continue the gasp that left her lips with the large wolf turned to her and began to stalk towards her. "Stop!" Kaini shouted as she thrust out a hand showing her palm to the wolf, she had released no spell at the beast she just hoped it did stop. To her surprise it did. It stopped in its tracks and looked at her with familiar eyes that made her chest tighten "You" she breathed, those eyes she could never forget. The eyes of her old love.


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Re: A Witches Curse

Post by Chelserz on Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:06 pm

/////IRL note/////

I have a werewolf character and would love to join this...but she's a she. Lol idk how you feel about that? Would you rather it be a male?

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