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Post by insectie on Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:42 pm

The Catgirl Saia:

.:General Character Info
.:Name: Saia
.:Age: 19
.:Birthdate: 9/12
.:Species: Catfolk (former human)

.:Gender: Female
.:Height: Average
.:Weight: Slightly below average
.:Eye Color: Red
.:Hair Color: Dark blue
.:Head: Short hair, perky cat-ears
.:Upper Body: Slim, below-average bust
.:Waist: Slim, dark-blue fur cat tail
.:Lower Body: Muscular legs suited for jumping
.:Footwear: Ankle-height boots

.:Personality: Mischievous, will do anything for money
.:Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
.:Character Attire: Black/grey
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preference: Straight

.:Occupation: Thief
.:Family: Mother & father
.::Likes: Money
.::Dislikes: Being caught
.::Love interest: Someday
.:Friends: None permanent

I didn’t just have a deadbeat dad--my mother, father, and older brother are in incredible debt from compulsive gambling, terrible business deals, and potion abuse. Loan sharks were sending collection agents after my family, and after one particularly violent housecall my brother was beaten to death “to send a message”. Helpless, I went to my local shrine and prayed. I prayed to Nekogami-sama for protection and money. The goddess felt mischievous, instead giving me powers to gain as much mew~ney as I want and protect my family ♪. I was gifted in the supernatural and extraordinary ☆~. A sign of my gifts, perhaps to the goddess~’ fancy❤, are my cat ears and tail ☆, coming with the agility and grace of a feline. I have abilities in both stealth and combat, so I’m not one to rush into melee but I also don't view bloody fighting as a last resort--especially since the blood is seldom my own ❤.
I took an active apuurroach in dealing with my family's situation, counterattacking the loan sharks while simultaneously sending my family into hiding, drawing the ire of the organizations to me ❤. I stole money to pay some of the more reasonable creditors however since I’m not a pu~urrfect thief I am now wanted by a mew of my targets. To top it all off, not everyone was paid in full, so collectors are still after me ☆. Because of the sheer number of entities--some being strong--that want me dead or alive (perhaps dead and alive nyaa~?) I’ve been forced to live on the run ♪. My dream is to live in the open with my family and eventually start a family of my own--with no furnancial worries ☆. Nyaot even Nekogami-sama knows how much money and many bodies it will take to achieve that dream ~❤.

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